ROBESONIA, PA. – Reading Bakery Systems has introduced a new ambient cooling conveyor that cools crackers before entering packaging in a more compact footprint. If crackers are not cooled to the correct temperature before entering packages, condensation may occur in the sealed package, which compromises texture and shelf life.

 The new cooling system from RBS is modular, which allows companies to add multiple sections to suit their plant or process needs. Each module has upper and lower fans, each with individual speed controls. Operators control the amount of air blown across the top and bottom of the crackers via touchscreen control screens. Air filtration cartridges may be handled without ladders and may be changed or cleaned without using tools. Air handling blowers may be accessed at ground levels.

“The new Thomas L. Green ambient cooling conveyor design is a win‐win for cracker manufacturers as it is more efficient to operate and easier to clean and maintain,” said Cameron Johnston, director, engineering of RBS. “It also reduces energy consumption, energy waste and employee safety hazards.”