Hello, I’m Charlotte Atchley, editor of Baking & Snack, and I’m happy to be sharing our December issue with you, which is available online now. This issue is packed full of great content as we look back at the challenges of 2021 and look ahead to the opportunity of 2022.


First of all, if you don’t know already, I’d like you to meet our Operations Executive of the Year, Jon Dairman, director of innovation, facilities and equipment at Doughnut Peddler. I met Jon in 2019 and was immediately struck by his work ethic and passion for innovation, efficiency and people. I can’t wait for you to get to know him.


You’ll also want to check out Dan Malovany’s feature, “Better Safe Than Sorry.” He explores the role ergonomics plays in keeping bakery workers safe on the job. This is a must-read as the industry looks for ways to make baking a more attractive industry to prospective employees.


And Michelle Smith looks ahead to the future of packaging in her story, “Future Connections.” She explores how technology is evolving to meet the needs of efficiency and sustainability.


Thank you for trusting Baking & Snack to keep you and your team informed. With IBIE on the horizon and Sosland Publishing’s 100th anniversary, we’re looking forward to getting together more often in 2022 and celebrating all that the baking industry has accomplished. We wish you and your families health and happiness this holiday season.