Consumers are interested in value-added baked goods, specifically with high protein and fiber along with lower levels of sugar and net carbs. To help bakers meet those demands, Glanbia Nutritionals developed its OvenPro series of ingredients that includes OvenPro Bread & Bread Zero Net Carb, OvenPro Cake and OvenPro QuickBread. “With commonly used wheat protein lacking as a complete nutritional protein source, and the well-known challenges associated with adding protein to baked goods at higher levels, we are excited to provide our customers a superior ingredient solution that solves these issues,” said Steve Ham, senior director, commercial bakery, Glanbia Nutritionals. These offer similar functionality to wheat flour and address high protein formulation challenges. These ingredients offer 1:1 flour replacement while also supporting excellent and good source claims for protein and fiber. On top of these benefits, the OvenPro series is label-friendly and can be adjusted to meet any product’s nutritional goals.

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