Apex Motion Control’s Baker-Bot supports baking and snack manufacturers by automating the loading and unloading of trays and pans. A collaborative robot that can integrate into an existing system to support tray handling tasks for conveyors and racks, the Baker-Bot features dual-racking, which allows the removal of one full rack while another rack begins to load. “Contributing factors over the past several years have led to incredible labor shortages,” said Martin Riis, sales director, Apex Motion Control. “With the Baker-Bot cobot, it can quickly become part of your production team by safely working alongside any human workers within a very small footprint. The touch screen tab is as easy to use as your smartphone and can be repurposed for a multitude of tasks such as tray handling, robotic decorating, targeted spraying and depositing, palletizing, and primary and secondary packaging.” The Baker-Bot’s tray management applications include cookie, bagel, dough and cracker production.

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