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KANSAS CITY — Everyone in the baking industry, from bakers to ingredient and equipment suppliers, is experiencing the challenges in sourcing raw materials these days. And this is particularly difficult as the industry tries to meet sustained high consumer demand for baked goods.

Season nine of Since Sliced Bread brings analysts and experts to the microphone to offer a way through the current supply chain situation.

“We know that bakers and suppliers to the baking industry continue to endure major supply chain challenges,” said Charlotte Atchley, editor of Baking & Snack and host of Since Sliced Bread. “We’re hoping through this season of Since Sliced Bread to equip our listeners with some strategies for managing those challenges and get through to the other side.”

In this season, listeners will hear from consultants and analysts on the current state and future of the supply chain as well as industry experts like Lin Carson of Bakerpedia, Rowdy Brixey of Brixey Engineering, and Jesse Leal of AIB International. Listeners will also hear about how Companion Baking, St. Louis, Mo., has weathered the current storm and the lessons the bakery has learned through the experience.  

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