FRANKENMUTH, MICH. — Star of the West Milling Co. has announced it is acquiring Brown Milling Co. Inc., a grain handler and agronomy supplier based in Mount Pleasant, Mich. Financial terms of the purchase were not disclosed.

“This acquisition bolsters key capabilities for Star of the West while further expanding our presence in our home state,” said Jim Howe, president and chief executive officer, Star of the West Milling Co. “Brown Milling and Star of the West share much in common, starting with a commitment to Michigan’s farmers and to our employees.”

Brown Milling was founded in 1965 by Ed Brown, who acquired a mobile feed grinding business. He grew the business, expanding into the fertilizer business in 1970 and later adding Rosebush Feed & Grain in 1983, Superior Fertilizer in 1987 and Shepherd Elevator in 1991.

Star of the West and Brown Milling have worked together since the early 1980s, sharing a joint interest in what was Northern Star Minerals, Inc., a fertilizer distribution company. They share many of the same fields of agriculture, including wheat handling and marketing, crop nutrient supply and the use of agronomic technology.

Star of the West is a 151-year-old company with headquarters in Frankenmuth. It began as one flour mill and now operates five mills in four states, including Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and New York. It ranks 11th in North America with a combined daily milling capacity of 33,060 cwts, according to Sosland Publishing’s 2022 Grain & Milling Annual.

The company has expanded from its flour roots to include three agronomy locations, 10 elevators for receiving crops, dry bean and food-grade soybean processing facilities.

The acquisition is the second announced by Star of the West in recent weeks. The company announced Dec. 9 it was acquiring Charlotte, Mich.-based Citizens LLC, another grain handling and agronomy supplier.