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Despite the opportunities for growth wholesale bakers have had due to increased consumer demand, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic exposed weaknesses in the supply chain that are hindering the industry to fully take advantage of those opportunities. Bakers and suppliers — both ingredients and equipment — are struggling to source raw materials and find reliable transportation necessary to meet customer orders. In this episode of Since Sliced Bread, Lisa Anderson, president of LMA Consulting Group, explains where the supply chain stands now, how it got this way and what she sees successful companies doing to get through the crisis.

“Right-sizing or realigning your supply chain, those companies that are doing that are taking additional volume that their competition cannot supply and pulling away in the positive direction,” she said. “The ones that are hoping and waiting for things to get better are pulling away in the negative because others are taking the volume.”

Ms. Anderson outlines how she believes this situation will reshape the supply chain for good and what will eventually pull the economy out of the crunch. Labor remains at the heart of the issue, slowing down transportation both at ports and in the trucking sector.

Ms. Anderson explains how shortening supply chains can provide relief and digital tools can help bakers become more strategic about their inventories. These strategies can help bakers move through the current supply chain crisis and adapt to the future. Listen to this episode to find out what she thinks it will take for all this to be over.

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