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One of the most significant aspects of the current supply chain situation is how quickly it hit. Things previously taken for granted have become a real struggle. For Josh Allen, founder and owner of Companion Baking, St. Louis, knowing this is half the battle. 

“We’re more nimble, reactive and proactive than we have been because we realize now how quickly and abruptly the supply chain can shut down on certain things,” he said in this episode of Since Sliced Bread.

Communication is critical too, as you’ll hear in the episode. While Mr. Allen said he appreciated suppliers’ willingness to bend over backward to get Companion Baking the supplies it needed, timely honesty was more helpful to the company in the end.

“I do think it hurts the relationship more to not have that open and honest communication than if we just keep trying to make promises we can’t maintain,” Mr. Allen said.

In this episode, Mr. Allen shares Companion Baking’s experience navigating the supply chain and how the company pivoted to continue to support its own customers.

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