DALLAS — BreadEx, a newly launched business serving the Dallas-Fortworth metroplex, is a subscription-based bakery that provides freshly made, artisanal loaves to its customers on a weekly basis. BreadEx is a 100% minority woman-owned business and operates with a small team to provide both international and traditional loaves to subscribers.

This first-of-its-kind service seeks to celebrate global cultures with a familiar staple, and each delivery includes an e-newsletter explaining the origin of that week’s bread, recipes and serving ideas.

“There is nobody offering a service that combines culture, breads and the convenience of home delivery,” said Uma Iyer, chief executive officer and founder of BreadEx. “Bread is a basic food in all cultures and a staple in almost every home — we are passionate about bringing the tremendous diversity of artisan breads right to our customers’ breakfast table.”

Ms. Iyer, a self-taught baker and pastry chef, also founded the Plano, Texas-based French bakery Tart-a-licious, where the original concept for BreadEx was born. In response to the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown and the impact it had on the food industry, Ms. Iyer launched a charity fundraiser called “BreadforAll” out of her bakery that delivered bread to raise money for local farmers and recently unemployed restaurant workers. The success of BreadforAll inspired Ms. Iyer to formally launch BreadEx this year. Subscribers can sign up for Saturday deliveries of global loaves with BreadEx: World or Wednesday deliveries of artisan sandwich loaves with BreadEx: Essential. The company uses local and seasonal ingredients whenever possible and is always fresh baked.

“We are passionate about bread and getting it in the hands of customers while it is still truly fresh from the oven,” said Neil Tigner, head baker. “All of our breads are baked with care the night before delivery.”

BreadEx is currently only available through the company’s $40 per month subscription, plus delivery, or $12 one-time purchase, plus delivery.