KANSAS CITY — New product launches are utilizing health and wellness trends to attract a growing consumer base that seeks “natural” food descriptors. Sustainable packaging, regenerative farming practices and non-GMO ingredients are popular qualities, as are snacks that are low in sugar, high in vitamins and minerals and verified organic. Many companies are lowering caloric intake while maximizing nutritional content, like H&S Bakery’s 647 plain bagels, which boast 160 calories and 8 grams of protein per serving; or Special K’s new brown sugar cinnamon cereal with 140 calories and 100% of an adult consumer’s daily value of 10 vitamins and minerals. Other brands, like Good Source Foods, Mary’s Gone Crackers and Bear Naked, are continuing a successful emphasis on snacks made using non-GMO verified ingredients. Also trending is a focus on clean label products, which are foods that forego fillers, dyes, artificial flavorings and additives, like cocojune’s new overnight oats.