ABBOTSFORD, BC. — Family-owned Canadian bakery Carbonaut is adding three new low-carb bread products to its line of keto certified baked foods. Gluten-free bagels, “U.F. Oat” sliced bread and gluten-free pizza crust are joining the company’s roster of baked foods containing three carbs or less per serving. The company introduced 13 keto-friendly, non-GMO bread products in its first year alone, all certified keto-friendly by the Paleo Foundation.

Carbonaut uses resistant starches in most of its baked foods to replicate the rise and texture of traditional loaves while maintaining a low-carb final product. Resistant starches pass through the digestive tract without converting into glucose like more common non-resistant starches do, preventing the sugar spike that would disrupt the process of ketosis essential to a keto diet.

“We’re thrilled to continue to build our product offerings to give those living the low-carb lifestyle the freedom to enjoy real bakery-fresh bread and bakery products again,” said Danny Houghton, president and co-founder of Carbonaut. “But it’s also important to us that Carbonaut deliver more than just low-carb — not only have we perfected an amazing taste and texture, but we’ve done it using 100% plant-based, nutritious ingredients. It’s truly low-carb bread without compromise, and we’re excited that the brand has resonated so well with consumers.”  

The new gluten-free bagels come in three flavors, including plain, lemon blueberry and herb and garlic, with 70 to 90 calories and 34 to 35 grams of fiber per serving. Carbonaut describes the U.F. Oat bread as being similar to a traditional honey oat loaf, made with flax meal and oats and containing 70 calories and 7 grams of protein per slice. The gluten-free pizza crust is available in thin and “not so thin” versions, both fully plant-based and only 50 to 60 calories per serving.

Carbonaut products are currently available online via the company website or Amazon and at Whole Foods Markets, Sprouts Farmers Markets and select Super Target stores.