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On top of ingredient supply, supply chain issues are causing delays on capital investments. As bakers try to automate to increase their capacity, they can be hit with longer-than-expected lead times. In this episode of Since Sliced Bread, Rowdy Brixey, president of Brixey Engineering and Baking & Snack Pro Tip columnist, stresses the importance of planning and communication when looking at capital investments.

“The sooner you start those conversations with your key suppliers the better,” he said. “They are running into the same problems you are so the more collaborative that conversation the less surprises hit you at the last minute.”

Replacement parts and labor are also in short supply, and baking companies should keep this in mind when considering equipment suppliers. It may change their priorities.

“When you think about support, if you don’t have people within your own organization that you can rely on, leaning toward a supplier that has a staffed service department and parts stateside could be a blessing in disguise,” Mr. Brixey said.

Listen to this episode of Since Sliced Bread to learn more about how to work around the supply chain to maximize capital investment.

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