FOSTORIA, OHIO – The Mennel Milling Co. has issued its 2022 lists of recommended wheat cultivars for the growing areas around the company’s flour mills and elevators in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Virginia and North Carolina.

In a message to growers, Mennel describes variety selection as “one of the most important decisions growers make.”

“Because of the many differences that exist among varieties, it’s very important to assess what characteristics are most important, especially for the production areas,” Mennel said. “Most growers choose several varieties to plant to help reduce risk as well as improve the chances of success every harvest season.”

Mennel said its lists helps align local wheat production with the company’s flour milling needs. For the company’s Fostoria, Ohio, flour mill, Mennel’s preferred variety list includes 54 different options. The list provides growers with scores on historical yields, test weight, maturity timing and scab resistance. For Roanoke, Va., 32 preferred varieties are published.

Dr. Scott Osborne, vice president of innovation at Mennel described a “healthy tension” between growers’ desire to maximize yield and the need of millers and bakers for good quality.

“At Mennel, we understand how important high yielding wheat varieties are to its producers,” he said. “We are also poignantly aware of the need for wheat varieties that deliver a high flour yield in our mills and produce quality products at the bakeries. It is this healthy tension between field yield and flour yield/bakery performance that results in the Mennel Preferred Variety List. We truly value the partnership with the producers and hope that this list will serve as a guide for the varieties they choose to plant this year.”