WASHINGTON – The American Bakers Association and SNAC International have released their 2021 salary and benefits survey and made it available for purchase. The data cover company profile information, pay practices, benefits and pay information for 34 positions from 36 food manufacturers and supplier organizations in the United States and Canada.

The survey features data collected from all segments of the baking and the snack food industries, including bread and rolls, potato and tortilla chips, cakes and pies, cookies and crackers, sweet goods, and tortillas. Information also is provided on corporate, division and plant management positions with salaries broken down by both region and plant size.

The data were submitted to and analyzed by the Compdata Survey Practice at salary.com.

“Joining forces with SNAC International for this survey, both of our organizations can offer our respective members complete analysis of current salary and compensation trends in both the baking and snack foods industries,” said Robb MacKie, president and chief executive officer of the ABA. “With so many workforce changes, this valuable resource will help snack and baking industries prepare budgets, recruit and retain talent in today’s extremely challenging labor market.”

Elizabeth Avery, president and CEO of SNAC, said “For the 2021 salary and benefits survey, we recognized the tight connection between our food manufacturers and their suppliers by including both sectors in the results. The data looks at how organizations implemented competitive hiring practices, adjusted compensation and incentives due to the COVID-19 pandemic and provided various benefits in addition to salary.”