The persistent demand for clean label products has bakers looking to replace ingredients consumers find unacceptable, including DATEM, SSL and distilled or hydrated monoglycerides. Enzymes can replace emulsifiers’ functionality in a clean label way.

“Yes, enzymes can be used as a clean label solution to replace the functionalities of emulsifiers, but the choice of enzyme will depend on the substrate available in the formulation and the desired effect,’’ said Luc Casavant, application director at Lallemand Baking.

Enzymes can be added alone or as enzyme combinations to get additional effects or create synergies between enzymes.

To meet this need, Lallemand Baking developed its Essential ER product range. These enzyme-based solutions provide similar functionalities as chemical emulsifiers, making them a direct replacement in bread formulations.

This range of ingredients can improve dough machinability, conditioning, strengthening and stability. They are designed for convenience and ease of use. It’s important when working with enzyme solutions, however, that bakers take into consideration the entire formulations and process parameters to avoid overdosing or side activities. Lallemand Baking offers technical expertise to provide the optimal solution for each formulation.

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