Heat and Control’s Ishida ACP-700 fully automatic case packer brings a new level of automation and efficiency to snack packaging. Part of a completely integrated and automated packaging room system, the Ishida ACP-700 case packer improves efficiency, ease of use, accuracy, sealing integrity, performance, productivity, and effective automation and communications with the weigher and bagmaker, according to the company.

“Case aligning and closing mechanisms are fully integrated with the Ishida ACP-700 case packer, which eliminates the need for additional conveyors and creates a complete case packing system,” said Jeff Almond, industry manager, snack food packaging, Heat and Control.

The Ishida ACP-700 case packer features case packing, case alignment, bag packing, sorting, closing and sealing in one machine at speeds up to 150 packages or 10 cases per minute. The machine can be used for a variety of applications, including baked snacks, savory snack foods, and plantain and banana chips.

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