ANN ARBOR, MICH. — The world’s largest pizza company is pushing young people to pursue a career in agriculture.

Domino’s Pizza, Inc. has launched a five-year, $1.5 million commitment to Future Farmers of America (FFA). The commitment follows a five-year, $1 million pledge that was put in place in 2017.

The new commitment will fund agriculture experience grants, college scholarships, educational resources about sustainable agriculture and other sustainable agriculture initiatives.

As part of the educational resources, Domino’s will seek to fund lesson sets and training for educators and learning modules for students, with content about a range of topics, including climate change, water conservation, soil health, waste management and the United Nations sustainable development goals.

“The work done by the National FFA Organization delivers a significant difference to its members, and its impact goes beyond the students, as the agriculture industry touches nearly every industry and neighborhood,” said Jenny Fouracre-Petko, a spokesperson with Domino’s. “We know without farmers, we wouldn’t have pizza to serve. Supporting the future of the agriculture industry is a key piece of Domino’s stewardship strategy.”

In December 2021, Domino’s released its inaugural corporate stewardship report, which included steps the company plans to take to improve its environmental footprint as well as its commitment to achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

Domino’s operates 18,800 stores in more than 90 markets. The company had global retail sales of nearly $17.8 billion in 2021.