ZWINGENBERG, GERMANY — Ingredient supplier Loryma announced it is expanding its range of functional extrudates with new products that provide added crunch to sports snacks, muesli products and breadcrumbs.

The cereal crispies (Lory Crisp), protein crispies (Lory IsoCrisp) and breadcrumbs (Lory Crumb) are available in various shapes, colors and sizes, and are derived from wheat and other raw materials. The new product range complements Lory Tex texturates, which serve as the basis for meat alternatives.

According to Loryma, the cereal crispies of the Lory Crisp range provide a crunchy effect to breakfast cereals, muesli and chocolate bars, as well as sweets and baked foods. Wheat, corn, rice and quinoa are considered a suitable base for the crispy extrudates, Loryma said. Depending on the raw material, various attributes such as high-protein, low-fat, high-fiber and sugar- and salt-free can be achieved, as can organic certification, the company added.

The Lory IsoCrisp made from whey and milk protein is suited for on-trend applications aimed at health-conscious consumers. The protein crispies bring added bite to fitness bars, granola or other snacks, Loryma said.

Breadings with products from the Lory Crumb range are particularly crispy and protect substrates such as meat, meat alternatives, cheese or potato products during frying or deep-frying, the company said. Loryma said it offers extruded breadcrumbs based on corn, rice and potatoes for different types of processing and end products.

“Extruded cereal and protein products are currently extremely popular because they combine enjoyment with optimized nutritional values,” said Henrik Hetzer, managing director of Loryma. “We are sure that our expanded range will inspire our customers. We can also implement individual wishes in design thanks to our own production capabilities, so there are hardly any limits to creative product development.”