WASHINGTON — The average price paid for white pan bread increased 2.9¢ per lb in March, according to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the US Department of Labor. The price of whole wheat bread, meanwhile, increased 9.2¢ per lb.

The national average retail price of white pan bread was 160.7¢, up 2.9¢ per lb from February and up 8.1¢ from March 2021.

At 212.1¢ per lb, the national average price for whole wheat bread was up 9.2¢ per lb from February but down 7.5¢ per lb from March 2021.

The national average price of family flour in March was 44.8¢, up 2¢ from February and up 1.2¢ from a year ago.

The national average price for spaghetti and macaroni in March was 118.2¢ per lb, up 3.4¢ from February but down 15.9¢ from March 2021. Chocolate chip cookies were 414.7¢ per lb, down 0.3¢ from February but up 18.3¢ from March 2021.

The national average price of white long-grain rice in March was 87.1¢, up 4.1¢ from February and up 9.9¢ from March 2021.