Glanbia Nutritionals introduced new protein options that aim to solve many manufacturing and sensory challenges snack manufacturers face with protein extrusion technology: clogging, texture, flavor off-notes and less desirable chew down. Glanbia’s new BarPro 100/120 MPCs and BarFlex 100 WPC were designed to deliver a less chalky, powdery and glassy texture during extrusion.  

“Through our understanding of the intricacies involved in protein chemistry, along with its unique processing parameters, we were able to develop a range of proteins optimized to allow for better expansion within the extrusion process,” said Ashley Bacchiarello, director of product strategic management, Glanbia Nutritionals.

From these new technologies, Glanbia Nutritionals has also developed semi-finished extruded pieces, Crunchie extruded bites and crisps, that are ideal for bar and snack inclusions

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