NUNDA, NY.  Known for its sustainably sourced nut and seed butters, Once Again Nut Butter, Nunda, NY, is making its snack food debut with 100% gluten-free graham cracker sandwiches. Available in Peanut Butter and Sunflower Seed Butter, these on-the-go, single-serve snacks are certified both organic and gluten-free. In addition, the cracker sandwiches are vegan, kosher and Non-GMO Project verified.

“With our new graham cracker sandwiches, we wanted to offer consumers a convenient way to enjoy the wholesome, plant-based nutrition of our nut and seed butters with no stirring or spreading required,” said Gael Orr, director of marketing, Once Again Nut Butter. “Developing a clean label alternative to traditional cracker sandwiches perfectly aligns with Once Again’s mission to spread integrity through sustainable, thoughtfully crafted products.”

Made with a blend of organic sorghum flour, organic oat flour and organic cassava flour, the graham crackers are filled with dry roasted blanched organic peanuts or dry roasted organic sunflower seeds. The Peanut Butter and Sunflower Seed Butter flavors were obvious choices for the company.

“Peanut butter is our most popular nut butter, so that was a natural choice for one of the flavors,” Ms. Orr said. “Our sunflower butter is a favorite among kids, so that prompted us to turn this flavor into a grab-and-go, kid-friendly snack.” 

The snacks aim to attract the better-for-you crowd while also appealing to those with food allergy concerns.

“Once Again’s graham cracker sandwiches are targeted to health-conscious consumers looking for a delicious snack that fits into their busy lifestyle, as well as shoppers looking for better-for-you or allergy-friendly snacks the whole family can enjoy,” Ms. Orr said. “Consumers with peanut allergies will appreciate that the sunflower butter is made in a peanut-free facility. We also have allergen protocols in place to separate the peanut butter and sunflower butter cracker sandwich packaging.”

The crackers reflect Once Again’s Honest In Trade sustainability program, which seeks to improve quality of life by creating and sustaining environmentally, economically and socially fulfilling partnerships. The company is active in delivering products and ingredients that represent credible, and verified social, environmental and quality standards.

“Once Again Nut Butter represents some of the highest social and environmental standards in the organic food industry,” Ms. Orr explained. “Once Again purchases solar and wind turbine credits to offset its electrical use, has an internal recycling program and makes its containers from recycled materials. Our food waste is donated to farms and to a local digester, which converts it into electricity and avoids sending it to landfills. We also have a Green Team that works on continuing projects to support environmental conscientiousness.”

Once Again Nut Butter’s graham cracker sandwiches launched in March and are available in individual 1.59 oz pouches for a suggested retail price of $1.69 to $1.89 each; a retail box of eight pouches sells for a suggested retail price of $13.52 to $15.12. The product is sold at Whole Foods Market locations across the country, Amazon and online through the company’s website at