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One of the best ways to retain workforce is to show employees that the company is invested in their professional development. By providing education and training, companies can provide employees with a path to make a career and improve themselves. But training and education is expensive and time consuming.

In the second half of season 10 of Since Sliced Bread, learn about the ways many industry associations are stepping up to provide some of that training and education. In this episode, David Walsh, vice president of communications and membership of SNAC International, shares the many opportunities the organization provides snack companies.

“We like to think we engage and educate all levels and all kinds of companies in the industry whether you’re at the technical plant level we have programming for you all the way up to the executive level,” he said in this episode of Since Sliced Bread.

SNAC International’s annual industry events provide ways for snack companies and the suppliers to connect and learn from one another about the latest challenges, while the education forum provides avenues to grow in leadership skills, improve brand marketing or even learn about the latest in extrusion technology.

Learn more about the educational opportunities offered by SNAC International in this episode.

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