CK Ingredients plans to launch FabaFuel, a de-flavored plant protein, commercially in October for the B2B market in North America. Colleen Madden, vice president of innovation, CK Ingredients, said the company is getting the word out to its closest clients.

The ingredient is sourced from Canadian snowbird fava beans and is 64% protein. It can be used in baked foods, extruded snack foods and other food applications. The fine powder is neutral in aroma and has a light off-white color. It contains 12% fiber as well. 

“Non-de-flavored fava beans can have beany notes or off-flavors, but ours is very creamy and mild,” Ms. Madden said. “The color is very nice and white. It’s very easy to formulate with.”

The ingredient offers gelling properties and water-holding properties. Its emulsification and foaming properties make FabaFuel an option in replacing or reducing egg whites in applications.

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