KANSAS CITY — When it comes to snacking, the heat is on and more than ever.

“The hotter the better,” said Sally Lyons Wyatt, IRI executive vice president and practice leader, in a recent webinar.

Take Paqui chips, which are part of the Amplify Snack Brands and known for extremely spicy flavors. When developing a new flavor, the Austin, Texas-based company likes to begin with something familiar. It also turns up the heat into overdrive. Paqui’s limited-edition Carolina Reaper Madness has been part of the brand’s One Chip Challenge.

“This is one individually wrapped chip made with the Carolina reaper pepper, which is often regarded as the hottest in the world,” Brandon Kieffer, senior associate brand manager, Amplify, told Michelle Smith, features editor, for the June snack trends report in Baking & Snack. “The One Chip Challenge has a lot of viral appeal during the limited-time window, especially when celebrities such as Shaq and Lizzo participate in the challenge on their social media channels.”

Mr. Kieffer said Paqui’s heat levels are determined by the peppers in its snacks.

“Our most popular flavor is Haunted Ghost Pepper featuring the ghost pepper, which is most likely the spiciest chip you will find on a store shelf,” Mr. Kieffer said. “And consumers still ask us to make them hotter. We are constantly experimenting with new peppers — like the scorpion pepper — to create a new flavor combination that pushes the limits on heat but provides an incredible flavor.”

When it comes to snacks, nothing beats the heat.