NORTH ANDOVER, MASS. — Dacon Corp. has completed the renovation and expansion of a 47,000-square-foot facility for Bake’n Joy Foods, a manufacturer of predeposited frozen muffin batters and doughs, scoop batters, mixes and bases, fully-baked loaf and coffee cakes and streusel toppings.

The facility, which was built in the 1970s, previously was 38,000 square feet. Dacon said it customized Bake’n Joy Foods’ facility to accommodate offices, employee support areas, shipping/receiving docks, a cooler corridor, manufacturing, baking, engineering and conference rooms.

“Bake’n Joy’s new production space is fueled by entrepreneurship,” said Kevin Quinn, chief executive officer of Dacon. “Their heritage of ingenuity from WWII through today is seen in their ability to respond to consumer needs.”

Bake’n Joy’s portfolio includes 10 brands: Kitchen Cupboard, Panfree, Ultra Moist Baking Products, Bake’n Joy Originals, Country Muffin & Cake, Homestyle, Boston Coffee Cake, Freedom Gluten Free, YPL and L&M Bakery (acquired in 2021).