CHICAGO — ADM foresees five trends shaping the global human microbiome sector based on the company’s proprietary Outside Voice consumer insights platform:

  • Growing consumer awareness of the gut-brain connection and the link between microbiome function with mood and cognition. ADM’s Outside Voice and FMCG Gurus, a market research company, partnered on research that found 58% of global consumers said they were aware of the potential benefits that bacteria in the digestive tract may have on health and well-being. Another FMCG Gurus study showed 53% said products designed to support brain health were appealing.
  • Personalized nutrition solutions designed to support everyday performance for Olympians and weekend warriors alike. The microbiome has become the new frontier for the next generation of personalized nutrition, according to Chicago-based ADM. Protein bars and ready-to-drink shakes soon will be tailored to support each individual's specific activity and lifestyle needs.
  • Consumers using test kits to benchmark the make-up of their microbiome as the personalized nutrition phenomenon gains hold. New technology in personalized assessment is allowing consumers to accomplish this. Fifty-nine percent of global consumers said they found the idea of nutrition-focused genetic testing appealing, according to FMCG Gurus. Among the 59%, 64% said they would be willing to use this technology.
  • Demystification of probiotics and the skin microbiome. ADM has a number of clinical trials researching the role of the gut microbiome in skin health that will assist the company in developing probiotic formulations that provide adjuvant support for the skin.
  • Consumer interest in immune health being a top priority today and in the future. Research from FMCG Gurus showed 75% of global consumers said they will make greater attempts to stay healthier due to COVID-19, and 65% said they were more conscious of their immune health.
“There is a growing body of scientific evidence that links the gut microbiome to key aspects of health and well-being,” said Mark Lotsch, president of global health and wellness at ADM. “Nutrition is one of the most effective tools at our disposal in supporting healthy microbiome function. ADM's research is bringing new discoveries and insights to the fore, demonstrating the potential positive impacts of dietary microbiome support on aspects of health and well-being.”