KANSAS CITY — The International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) is a critical event for bakers, whether it’s to purchase new equipment, learn key product trends or form invaluable industry connections. And this year’s IBIE, held in Las Vegas, Sept. 17-21, will be especially important as bakers continue to grapple with unprecedented challenges surrounding labor, supply chain, costs and more. 

To help bakers prepare for IBIE 2022, Baking & Snack is hosting a webinar providing an exclusive first look at their groundbreaking State of the Industrial Baking Industry survey, conducted by Cypress Research, targeting the wholesale baking manufacturing sector. 

The survey covers essential topics including the global and national baking industry outlook, industry confidence regarding costs, capacity, pricing, growth and more. The study also looks at capital investment trends, labor, supply chain, equipment, ingredients and business opportunity/product trends.

“With everything that has happened in the world and industry since IBIE 2019, we at Baking & Snack felt it was important to conduct a comprehensive survey to discover just how the industrial baking industry is faring as we approach IBIE 2022,” said Charlotte Atchley, editor of Baking & Snack. “Through this webinar, bakers will be able to see how their own challenges stack up against their industry peers as well as what solutions may be out there.”

By attending the webinar, bakers will explore the top-level findings with Marjorie Hellmer, president of Cypress Research, and hear insights from Ms. Atchley as to the motivation of the industry’s top decision makers, including operation and production managers, C-suite executives, engineers, R&D/product developers and more. 

The webinar will be held July 26 at 2 p.m. E.T. and can be registered for here.