Jeb Sloan is currently a member of the product development team for Clif Bar & Co., Emeryville, Calif. He’s been with the company for 12 years. 

What are your goals for attending IBIE 2022? 

I want to discover new technologies that could drive innovation opportunities.

How do you determine what those goals are? 

These goals are tied directly to company goals and strategy.

What formulating challenges will you be looking for solutions at IBIE? 

I’m on the lookout for functional ingredients especially protein, alternative sugar.

How do you plan to ensure those goals are met? How will you measure a successful IBIE? 

The most objective measure will be how many IBIE-generated ideas are shown to internal brand and marketing teams as viable concepts.

What resources are you using to plan your trip? 

I’ll be booking all travel myself, but I plan on using the IBIE app for navigating the show. 

What aspects of IBIE do you find to be the most helpful in meeting your goals? 

I plan on taking advantage of a great network of people and building that network to share ideas and get connected to the right people.

Which education sessions or demos will you be attending? What are you hoping to gain from those sessions? 

I have historically not taken advantage of those opportunities but will plan on finding applicable sessions for this IBIE to attend.  

What will be your strategy for approaching the show floor? Will your time be spent with existing suppliers or looking for new ones? 

It will be both.  I do try and combine a bit of wandering and exploration with targeted objectives and vendors.  Mostly I attempt to minimize the overall number of steps and be efficient with navigating the massive number of vendors.  

How will new suppliers catch your attention? 

Eye contact at their booth is the simple method I use.  And any vendor who offers a good cappuccino easily wins my attention.