WARSAW, POLAND — Baker & Baker has opened a new international office in Warsaw, part of the company’s larger strategy to expand its footprint across eastern Europe. The new office will serve as the hub for Baker & Baker’s central and eastern Europe retail, wholesale and foodservice customers and will feature a showroom with a small baking studio to provide opportunities for customer meetings and tasting sessions.

Baker & Baker said the office will house seven employees across its logistics, sales and marketing teams.

“We’ve taken our time to ensure our new Polish office meets the geographical and functional needs of our employees and customers,” said Ryan Perera, international sales director. “The disruption caused by COVID-19 created a significant delay to the project, as we’ve had long-term aspirations to create a formal presence in Poland.

“Our new office provides us with a hub in eastern Europe, ensures that we are closer to our customers on a day-to-day basis, and will allow us to take advantage of new customer and innovation opportunities.”

Baker & Baker is a European leader in the bakery convenience segment, operating across 12 sites in 7 countries, with approximately 2,500 employees and annual sales in excess of €400 million. The company manufactures 2,500 different bakery stock-keeping units for more than 500 customers via key account own label brands, general sale and licensed portfolios.

Formerly known as CSM Bakery Solutions, Baker & Baker owns a number of recognized bakery brands, including Baker & Baker, Goldfrost, Molco, Croexsa, Concadoro and Artisal.