SAN FRANCISCO — Plant-based cookie brand Love + Chew has partnered with upcycled food company Renewal Mill to launch a new peanut butter chip cookie.

Billed as a “climate-friendly baking company,” Renewal Mill converts the leftover pulp from plant milk production into nutritious, gluten-free flours. The cookie is baked with Renewal Mill’s upcycled oat milk flour. Additional ingredients include peanut butter, chickpea flour and almond flour. A serving has 10 grams of fiber and 10 grams of plant protein.

“We decided to incorporate Renewal Mill’s upcycled ingredient into our newest line because food waste is one of the largest drivers of climate change,” said Lauren Chew, founder and chief executive officer of Love + Chew. “The result is a tasty, high-protein cookie where you don't have to compromise.”

A growing number of emerging brands incorporate Renewal Mill’s upcycled ingredients into recipes, including Pulp Pantry, Square Baby, Tia Lupita, Seconds Crackers, Pezzy Pet Treats and more. The company also offers a line of baking mixes and flours and ready-to-eat soft-baked cookies.

“We love partnering with women-owned, Bay Area brands who are inspired to take their sustainability commitments to the next level,” said Caroline Cotto, co-founder and chief operating officer of Renewal Mill. “Partnering with Lauren was a no-brainer.”

The new cookie is available online at