CRANBURY, NJ. — Innophos will debut two new leavening ingredient systems under its Levair brand at the International Baking Industry Exposition Sept. 18-21 in Las Vegas.

Levair Stabilize is designed to help bakers reduce waste by improving batter stability. Lab testing showed batter formulated with Levair Stabilize produced 42% greater batter consistency than the control. Levair Fortify is designed to help improve volume and texture in high-protein baking applications. Lab testing showed products that were enhanced with common protein blends (like pea protein and dairy protein) and included Levair Fortify had a softer texture and greater product volume than those that did not use Levair Fortify.

“Levair represents a key growth opportunity for our company, and we couldn’t think of a better place than IBIE to introduce these new science-backed solutions,” said Sherry Duff, senior vice president of marketing, technology and quality at Innophos. “We look forward to continuing to expand the Levair product line with new launches in 2023.”

The Levair brand also includes Levair SALP, a slow, heat-reactive leavening acid used for baked foods, baking powders and prepared institutional and retail mixes.