WILLARD, OHIO — Campbell Soup Co. announced its Campbell Snacks bakery is hosting an onsite hiring event to fill more than 100 open positions at its Willard-based facility, the home of its Pepperidge Farm brand.

The company said it is actively recruiting for full-time hourly positions and temporary hourly positions for packaging and on its product lines. The Campbell Snacks Willard Hiring Fair is scheduled for Sept. 14 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Full-time position wages range from $21.50 to $31.50 per hour; temporary position wages start at $16 per hour, according to the company.

“We are looking for passionate individuals who have a desire to work for one of the most incredible snacking companies in the world,” Campbell Soup said.

The Willard baking plant currently employs approximately 700 people and manufactures up to 50 million Goldfish crackers daily. Because of this output, Campbell Soup said Willard is affectionately dubbed the “Goldfish Capital of the World.”

“Our bakery in Willard has been making Goldfish and other delicious Pepperidge Farm products for the last 45 years,” the company said. “Whether making our iconic cheddar Goldfish, exquisite Milano cookies or an exciting innovation like Jalapeño Mega Bites Goldfish, our Willard employees work with passion and intensity to create snacks that satisfy everyday cravings and offer elevated experiences.”

Campbell Soup’s contact for further information is Carolyn Mulvihill at Carolyn_Mulvihill@campbells.com or by cell at 704-818-6860.