IFF introduced its Guardian line of products designed to control oxidation and help protect the quality, freshness and stability of foods and beverages. The formulations are based on plant extracts and feature synergistic oxidation and control systems. They offer naturally sourced antioxidants as alternatives to tocopherols.

“We have extensive technical data from laboratory tests and industrial trials that demonstrate effectiveness in our offerings, which we customize to fit customer needs, application and country-specific requirements,” said Apostolos Papageorgiou, food protection product manager for IFF.

Guardian Synerox HT has been shown to reduce frying oil waste by a minimum of 30% and provide protection for sunflower oil alternatives to rapeseed, palm and soybean. Guardian Vitagreen LOD uses proprietary technology without a chemical-synthesis step to enable the incorporation of water-soluble green-tea extracts in oil- and fat-containing applications.

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