Rheon’s VX122 stress-free divider is a compact system designed for high-hydration/long floor time artisan breads. It includes a large, 110-liter dough hopper with an adjustable width V4 stress-free dough divider to reduce side trim and provide the optimum dimension of dough portions for flatbread, loaves and baguettes. A dough sheet centering device automatically adjusts the position of the dough to the center of the belt, which reduces side trim and ensures more accurate cuts.

“The Rheon stress-free VX122 allows for the accurate scaling and gentle forming of artisan breads,” said John Giacoio, vice president of sales, Rheon. “Its revolutionary design can easily adjust the dough sheet width, which reduces waste and improves quality. In addition, high-hydration/long floor time dough can be cut by weight or by dimension.”

Automatic on/off flour dusters only dust when dough is present, reducing waste. The VX122 also includes a powered height adjustment for the cross roller.

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