LAS VEGAS —  Jeb Sloan is currently a member of the product development team for Clif Bar & Co., Emeryville, Calif. He’s been with the company for 12 years.

In the second installment of IBIE Point of View, check in with how Mr. Sloan’s experience attending the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) is going.

What have you seen at IBIE that has surprised you?  

Not so much a surprise, but OEMs continue to innovate and showcase new capabilities that translate to improvements in efficiency, quality and productivity for customers.  I enjoy seeing the creativity of OEMs on display and have seen many instances of that this year.

What has been the most exciting thing you’ve seen at IBIE so far? 

The crowd is indicative of a healthy industry, and conversations with almost every OEM validates that.  

What were your goals, and how do you feel about the progress you’ve made in reaching them?  

Personal goals were to introduce several new team members to our key OEMs and form connections.  We’ve made great progress on that.  

How has your experience been meeting with exhibitors? Are you finding the information you were looking for?  

My experience has been great, and OEMs in the baking industry are always inviting, accommodating and fun to be around. I came prepared with some targeted questions and conversations with key OEMs and have been getting the desired information.  

What is the most interesting thing you’ve learned either in an education session or at an exhibitor meeting?  

I’ll attend my first one today. I arrived Monday morning.  Although I’ve gotten great feedback from several on my team who have attended sessions.   

How does IBIE 2022 compare to previous IBIEs you’ve attended? 

This show seems as busy as any I’ve previously attended.  It’s a special show for me, personally, to bring a number of new colleagues and provide insights, tips, and tricks on how to navigate this wonderful event to maximize its value.

How will you be spending your remaining days at the show? 

I’ll spend the rest of the show wandering around a bit with an eye on new capabilities that could drive growth and/or efficiency for us.