LAS VEGAS Brad Alexander, chief operating officer of Flowers Foods, Thomasville, Ga., has more than 40 years of experience in the baking industry. He has attended six International Baking Industry Expositions (IBIE).

In the second installment of IBIE Point of View, check in with how Mr. Alexander’s experience attending the IBIE is going.

What has been the most exciting thing you’ve seen at IBIE so far? 

I’ve really enjoyed looking at the new equipment focused on safety, quality and automation.

What were your goals, and how do you feel about the progress you’ve made in reaching them? 

This year I was looking forward to seeing what’s new: technologies, trends and innovations. IBIE is a busy, exciting event, and while there is still much to see and do, I feel good about what I’ve accomplished so far.

How has your team been benefitting from IBIE 2022? 

Above all else, we’ve felt energized by our attendance this year; it’s been reinvigorating to reconnect with friends and see the latest advancements in baking equipment and technology.

How does IBIE 2022 compare to previous IBIEs you’ve attended? 

This year’s IBIE is the seventh I’ve attended, and it’s particularly bittersweet as I am retiring from Flowers at the end of the year. Over the years, I have had the extreme privilege of watching this industry shift, change and grow over the years, and what I’ve seen so far at this year’s IBIE promises a continued bright future.

How will you be spending your remaining time at the show? 

I’ll be out on the show floor, connecting with others and looking for innovative solutions that could benefit our business.