OAKLAND, CALIF. — Snoop Dogg has teamed up with TSUMo snacks, a maker of savory edibles, to launch Snazzle Os, a line of cannabis-infused, onion-flavored rings. 

The snack contains 100 mg of THC per bag and comes in Onion and Spicy Onion varieties. Snazzle Os are similar to Funyuns, the company stated, and put a THC-infused spin on the rapper’s favorite snack. 

"I'm excited to partner with TSUMo Snacks to bring some new snack options to the fans," Snoop Dogg said. “There are plenty of sweet edibles out there, so when I created this product I wanted to put the Dogg twist on it, which is why I'm bringing the savory THC-infused crispy onion-flavored rings to my home state of California. You know that if I’m going to put my name on something, it's guaranteed stamped Snoop D-O-Double-G fresh."

TSUMo snacks has grown rapidly since its founding in 2021, increasing distribution 800% over the past 12 months. The company aims to popularize savory edibles in a traditionally sweet-dominated category, and its 100mg THC bags are designed for group snacking. 

“Teaming up with the iconic Snoop Dogg for this snack collab was something my team and I have been dreaming about,” said Caroline Yeh, TSUMo Snacks co-founder and CEO. “Snoop aligns perfectly with TSUMo Snacks’ values, as he has always been authentic to his true self. And we know our fans love Snoop, too! We jumped on the opportunity to collaborate with him to create these salty, crispy, onion-flavored rings that are reminiscent of his own favorite snack. We can’t wait to see what our fans think of this innovative, first-of-its-kind cannabis edible.”

Snazzle Os hit California shelves Oct. 6 at all MedMen locations and will launch statewide Oct. 20 at additional partner dispensaries. 

The brand’s partnership with Snoop Dogg will also feature a limited-edition merchandise line that pays homage to the California rapper, including tracksuits, gold chains, socks and more. 

More information on Snazzle Os can be found at TSUMoSnacks.com.