PARMA, ITALY – Hi-Food by CSM Ingredients has opened its new headquarters and production plant in Parma. The complex of about 6,000 square meters features spaces dedicated to producing and developing ingredients for the food and beverage sectors. The investment came close to €20 million ($19.6 million).

The fully automated production plant has a capacity of 15,000 tonnes per year. Work in the eight laboratories will focus on ingredients like fibers, vegetable proteins, palm oil, animal fats, and substitutes for sugar, salt and eggs. Work also will focus on vegan sauces and dressings, gluten-free products, and plant-based products.

CSM Ingredients acquired Hi-Food in February.

“When joining forces, at CSM Ingredients we identified Hi-Food as an ally with a unique and pioneering approach to the uncovering of sustainable and high-performing ingredients,” said Aldo Uva, chief executive officer of CSM Ingredients, “A company with a consolidated tradition in ingredients such as CSM Ingredients can be a driving force for a young company such as Hi-Food. Meanwhile, their fresh and pioneering approach can only add value to our group. Indeed, our complementary relationship is guided by a common vision: the belief that the evolution of food depends on the technological transformation of ingredients.”