MINDEN, NEV. — All intellectual property owned by Forward Foods LLC pertaining to Detour and Overnight Oats Bars are set for a public foreclosure of assets on Oct. 25. Heritage Global Partners, an asset advisory and auction service, will be conducting the sale.

“This is a great opportunity to acquire the assets of a well-known brand, especially for those in the health and nutrition and food and beverage sectors,” said Nick Dove, president of Heritage. “Intellectual property related to the Detour and Overnight Oats Bar, including trademarks, recipes and domain names are available for sale and we look forward to a successful sale process.”

 All assets will be offered as a single package and sold to the highest bidder in one lot, according to Heritage. The assets included for sale include trademarks & associated recipes, various agreements (including warehouse, sublicense, and distribution agreements), accounts receivables, raw material and finished good inventory, domain names and social media accounts.

Forward Foods previously had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection following a peanut-related recall in 2009.

Parties interested in the IP for Detour and Overnight Oats Bars can view the complete listing of all assets for sale and learn how to qualify as a bidder through Heritage’s website,https://www.hgpauction.com/auctions/113532/forwardfoods/.