CHICAGO — After ramping up rye bread production, Alpha Baking Co. said its S. Rosen’s cocktail rye bread is now available to order on According to Alpha Baking, S. Rosen’s is the only national brand offering traditional cocktail rye bread on grocery store shelves and for order on

The rye bread is made by Alpha Baking’s subsidiary, S. Rosen’s Baking Co., which Alpha Baking acquired in 1981. S. Rosen’s Baking has been baking hearth rye bread and variety rolls since 1909.

“We understand how much consumers love cocktail rye bread, especially this time of the year and we made the decision to increase capacity to get ahead of any potential run on rye,” said Tim Lotesto, senior director of national retail key accounts at Alpha Baking Co. “Despite others having supply chain issues, we have consistently provided our rye bread to consumers, whether it’s on grocery store shelves or now, available to order from Amazon. We’ve been getting calls from loyal customers in Florida, Oregon, Washington and across the country making sure the beloved square mini loaves are available now and for holiday recipes. Trust me, I know, I look forward to my grandmother’s cucumber dill sandwiches every year.”

S. Rosen’s Baking operates two baking plants in Manitowoc, Wis., and La Porte, Ind.