KANSAS CITY — William D. Laramore Jr., president of W.D. Laramore Manufacturing Inc., a Shick Esteve company, will retire on Dec. 10, 2022. Mr. Laramore will continue to serve as a consultant, while Jeff Willyard, general manager, will oversee Laramore’s daily operations in Thomasville, Ga.

“Although saddened by Bill’s retirement from daily operations, we are pleased that Bill will continue to provide an advisory role to the Laramore and Shick Esteve team as the Laramore product line is integrated into existing ingredient automation solutions,” said Blake Day, president and chief executive officer, Shick Esteve. “Bill has a passion for teaching and mentoring, and we are excited about his continued involvement as he begins to spend more time and focus on his family and hobbies.” 

In 1979, Laramore became the first company to offer an automatic dusting flour reclaim and recycling system. Shick Esteve acquired the company in May 2021, strengthening its ingredient automation capabilities. Shick Esteve presented the Laramore brand at the International Baking Industry Exposition in Las Vegas earlier this year along with its other ingredient automation systems. 

“Being able to provide a global seamless solution to customers all in one location was a goal of Bill’s: to provide associates and customers a strong future in an ever-growing global marketplace,” Mr. Day said.