KANSAS CITY — A decade ago, Galaxy Desserts became one of the first US bakeries to identify and jump on what became the brioche bandwagon with its classic loaves, brioche croissants and pains au lait (milk rolls) all baked with butter and featuring a 21-day shelf life without preservatives.

The baked foods are shipped from parent company Brioche Pasquier, based in France. Now Galaxy Desserts and Brioche Pasquier USA have launched a major initiative to broaden their French-inspired product portfolio and its presence throughout the retail channel with an array of packaged pastries, colorful macaron cookies and Brioche To Go! handheld snacks. Sold under the Brioche Pasquier brand, a widely recognized name in France, the products target in-store bakeries, the snack aisle and freezer cases.

“We want to have an option for every customer,” noted Julien Suignard, retail sales director for Galaxy Desserts. “Ten years ago, you only found macarons in specialty stores. Now you can find them everywhere. We’re trying to find the best fit for every retailer.”

Moreover, Galaxy Desserts is pushing its geographic reach beyond its traditional core market in California and out west.

“We want our brand to be everywhere people shop or live,” Mr. Suignard said in an exclusive report in the November issue of Baking & Snack. “What makes a difference is that we’re a French company that works with a great savoir faire from France and a great savoir faire here at Galaxy, and we are here in the US to adapt that savoir faire to the entire market.”

Galaxy Desserts is taking savoir faire everywhere.