Clean label — ingredients that consumers can recognize on a label — continues to be a priority for consumers in baked foods, according to the Life Through the Lens of Bakery 2022 consumer research study from the American Bakers Association in partnership with 210 Analytics and sponsored by Corbion.

“Respondents told us they are big on avoiding artificial ingredients,” said Anne-Marie Roerink, author of the study and principal with 210 Analytics, when presenting the study at the International Baking Industry Exposition this year. “They want to see real butter, real eggs and natural ingredients.”

Dairy and egg ingredients thrive not just because consumers recognize them; these ingredients resonate with them.

“Using real dairy and eggs in industrial production gives the baked good that ‘mom and pop’ bakery appeal,” said Morgan Thomes, account manager, bakery, Agropur. “Dairy and eggs fit the mega-trend of clean label and shorter, simpler ingredient statements with less processed-sounding ingredients.”

The bonus is that both dairy and egg ingredients contribute nutrition and functionality that no other single ingredient can replace. They also have that desirable claim of being made with the real deal.

“The benefits of real dairy and eggs in baked goods goes far beyond the richness and mouthfeel they provide,” said Susan O’Shaughnessy, senior applications specialist, Edlong. “These ingredients are highly functional due to their unique fat, protein and sugar composition.”

But in an industrial baking setting, these ingredients have their limitations.

“For example, cream cheese requires refrigerated storage, tempering before processing and may break down when exposed to direct heat during the baking process,” said David Cullinan, director of business development and innovation, EFCO. “For these reasons, we offer a shelf-stable cream cheese filling that does not require tempering and is process tolerant for industrial baking.”

By understanding both dairy and egg ingredients’ limitations and benefits, bakers can leverage these clean label ingredients for functionality, nutrition and consumer appeal.

This article is an excerpt from the November 2022 issue of Baking & Snack. To read the entire feature on Dairy & Eggs, click here.