CRAILSHEIM, GERMANY — Packaging machine manufacturer Schubert opened a new training center at the company’s German headquarters as part of its efforts to improve customer instruction.

“We are taking a multi-track approach with our training concept,” said Uwe Galm, the company’s director of customer services. “This includes not only the expansion of our training locations in Germany and the USA, but also new formats, new content and an expanded training team.”

A shortage of labor and increasingly sophisticated technology means customer training needs have evolved, and Schubert wants to respond by updating instructions on its machinery. The company is examining its current training materials and will be fundamentally revising it.

“We have listened carefully to our customers and taken on board their various needs and wishes,” Mr. Galm said. “With this input, we will continue to refine our training portfolio.”

Schubert also now has a full-time customer trainer available at its North American headquarters in Charlotte, NC, and plans to make more digital training and videos available to customers. 

The new training center at Crailsheim has more than 1,000 square meters of space and includes four training rooms with packaging machines, a lounge with additional technical rooms and a reception area.