SINGAPORE – Not only do consumers need foods that help them survive and thrive in a chaotic world, they need clear and simple messages about products from producers, according to a new report from Mintel. But it’s not all about practicality. Consumers — especially the younger generations — will be looking to space as a source of optimism, innovation and connection in the coming years.

"In the not-too-distant future, space will become less whimsical and more tangible,” said Rebecca Vella, director of insights, Mintel Food & Drink, APAC. “Centering around escapism, the food and drink market will take inspiration from space-inspired technologies and earthly innovations from space travel findings — think lunar minerals and zero-gravity dining. The undiscovered novelty of outer space will have a particularly unsullied charm for Gen Z, who are disillusioned with the world as it is, but brands should also consider the inspirational role space will have in Gen Alpha's lives.”

For consumers with their feet on the ground, brands will need to help with foods that can safely be used during extreme weather conditions such as floods and very hot or cold temperatures.

"Adaption and resourcefulness will be the name of the game as brands innovate to help consumers deal with the harsh effects of the planet's more dangerous weather,” Ms. Vella said. “Food and drink innovations also will be called upon to deliver easy-to-use nutrition during catastrophic floods and other weather-related disasters. Meanwhile, the genuine demand for energy savings in 2023 will drive a newfound appreciation for the benefits of having energy-efficient food and drink on hand during extreme weather.”

Consumers will also seek help from foods to manage stress and optimize brain function both in their personal and professional lives through natural and functional ingredients. And those suffering from information overload will be seeking out clear, concise messaging about their foods.

“Communication will be streamlined to the essential selling points as consumers seek brands that focus on their advantages on pack — and save story-telling for websites, social media and marketing,” Ms. Vella said. “Products with clean designs that highlight natural ingredients and key health benefits will satisfy shoppers.”