OMAHA, NEB. — Ed Prosser, senior vice president of emerging businesses at Scoular, has been asked to serve on the Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s Agricultural Advisory Committee (AAC).

In joining the AAC, Mr. Prosser will serve a two-year term and will represent the interests of commercial users of derivatives in agricultural products, as well as the viewpoints of Scoular. The CFTC promotes the integrity, resilience and vibrancy of the US derivates markets through regulation.

 “I am honored to serve on this committee,” Mr. Prosser said. “At Scoular, we help to promote a free and fair marketplace for all participants, especially our producer customers. This appointment will allow me to represent those interests before our primary regulator.”

Mr. Prosser has more than 35 years of experience in agribusiness, most recently as senior vice president of emerging businesses at Scoular since 2021, where he supports strategic growth investment opportunities, including biofuels, renewable energy, carbon and technology businesses/investments. Earlier he was vice president of commodity risk management at Scoular.   

Before joining Scoular in 2018, he was with Gavilon, where he worked as chief trade and risk officer as well as held vice president roles with responsibilities related to ingredient trading and commodity risk management. Mr. Prosser’s career in agribusiness began with Conagra Brands, where he worked in a variety of roles over a 24-year time span, eventually serving as vice president and general manager of agricultural risk strategies.

He has served on the CFTC’s Technology Advisory Committee as well as on the risk management committee of the National Feed and Grain Association. He also is on the board of directors for the Commodity Markets Council.

He holds a bachelor of science degree in agricultural economics from Kansas State University.