DENVER — While alternative grains such as quinoa and chickpeas have been popular for some time, 2023 could see more growth for millets, including sorghum, according to Ardent Mills, Denver.

Millet and sorghum are piquing consumer interest as they are both gluten-free grains and offer a wide-range of applications from cereals and bread to bars and pasta. Millets have even captured the interest of the United Nations, which recently declared 2023 the International Year of Millets.

To increase the safety of these grain-based applications, Ardent Mills is acting on its ongoing research that’s found safe, ready-to-bake products are more important than ever with consumers.

The company recently introduced its BakeSafer treatments designed to help reduce the risks of consumers potentially mishandling and poorly preparing raw, uncooked flour-based products.

This spotlight on food safety will continue to be a core focus for the company’s new product development in 2023 as it innovates in partnership with its customers, said Matthew Schueller, director of marketing insights and analytics, Ardent Mills.