NEW YORK — Mmmly, a brand of soft-baked cookies, is rolling into the new year with reformulated products and expanded distribution. The cookies are slated to appear on shelves at regional Whole Foods Market stores and Sprouts Farmers Market stores nationwide, in addition to other retailers, in the coming months.

Mmmly’s products are formulated with almond flour, hazelnut flour and tiger nuts, a tiny root vegetable known to be a source of prebiotics. Apple juice adds sweetness, and chia seeds and flaxseed contribute healthy fats. A serving contains 7 grams of plant protein, 7 grams of fiber and 4 grams of sugar from fruit.

The brand recently began using organic, direct-trade, regeneratively farmed chocolate, which enhances the flavor and offers a sustainability attribute, according to Nicholas Naclerio, founder and chief executive officer. Flavors include dark chocolate chip, banana chocolate chip, simply almond and, the newest addition to the lineup, peanut butter.

“Our cookies keep you full, fueled and focused,” Mr. Naclerio said. “Most importantly, they taste like the cookies you know and love, with the nutrients you deserve.”

A Michelin-Star trained chef, Mr. Naclerio launched the brand last year. A history of disordered eating and “an unhealthy relationship with food” inspired him to reimagine desserts and snacks, using health-promoting ingredients. Many options in the marketplace, he noted, were “basically taking something that was bad for you and making it less bad for you, not actually creating a valid replacement.”

“When I started creating Mmmly, I had two rules,” he said. “It needs to taste like a classic cookie, but I also need to start adding benefits back in that improve human health, that fuel your brain, that don’t spike your blood sugar levels. Something you can eat and feel great about.”

Mmmly products are sold online at and and in retailers throughout the US, including Erewhon, Foxtrot, The Fresh Market, and others. As the startup scales its retail footprint, it is investing in increased marketing initiatives across social, affiliate, customer experience and retention marketing to drive in-store traffic and online execution.

"I'm tremendously grateful to be sharing truly good-for-you classics in amazing retailers like Sprouts and Whole Foods,” Mr. Naclerio said. “We're making it easy for people to indulge healthily; that's been my mission from day one. People love that we're doing something good for the world, and that's why we're growing."