KANSAS CITY — Cereal and breakfast snack launches are adapting longtime classics to keep up with contemporary demands. From upcycled ingredients to cross-brand collaborations to experimental form, new products for the breakfast occasion are making dynamic changes to attract broader audiences.

In the cereal category, Kellogg Co. has repeatedly introduced brand partnerships, joining forces with Cinnabon and Little Debbie on separate occasions to bring new flavors to the cereal aisle. The company also played with form, debuting single-serve Instabowls that, with the addition of water, provide a bowl of cereal with milk. General Mills, Inc. transformed three of the company’s popular cereals — Trix, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Reese’s Puffs — into miniature versions of the original. Better-for-you breakfast brand Purely Elizabeth launched its first line of cereal, addressing an expanded category of breakfasters.

Kellogg also set its sights on different types of breakfasters, debuting jumbo snack versions of its Krave chocolate cereal and Froot Loops cereal. Retail franchise Cinnabon introduced eight new ready-to-bake foods to grocery store shelves, including frosted mini cinnamon roll bites. Willamette Valley Pie Co. launched its first freeze-to-thaw hand pie sandwich pastries, aimed at on-the-go breakfasters and snackers. Other on-the-go breakfast snacking launches included Get Golden’s better-for-you bars and Little Bites’ limited edition apple cinnamon muffin packs.

Many brands are turning toward sustainability claims to attract younger consumers. Kanira, a new line of South Asian-inspired, gluten-free breakfast biscuits, uses pearl millet — a sustainable grain — as a key ingredient. Upcycled food company Renewal Mill partnered with specialty sweetener brand Just Date to launch an upcycled chai oat muffin mix.

For other brands, the focus remained simple accessibility, achieved by launching at-home baking mixes. Powdered nut butter company PB2 launched its first line of baking mixes, which are gluten-free and come in three varieties. Cascade Organic Flour, a brand of Cascade Milling, is dipping into the retail baked foods market with a “just add water” Organic Whole Grain Pancake Mix in 2-lb and 5-lb bags.