SAN RAFAEL, CALIF. — Athletic snack entrepreneur Jennifer Maxwell is launching JAMBAR, an organic energy bar that is available in four flavors, including Chocolate Cha Cha, Malt Nut Melody, Jammin’ Jazzleberry and Musical Mango.

Each JAMBAR variety is made using certified organic, non-GMO, whole food ingredients and contains 10 grams of protein per serving. The Chocolate Cha Cha, Jammin’ Jazzleberry and Musical Mango flavors are gluten-free.

“That’s the beauty of real food,” Ms. Maxwell said. “JAMBAR is pure, natural and organic from the get-go. Every ingredient in our energy bar you could eat right off a spoon. But if you’re too busy to carry a spoon, that’s where JAMBAR comes in.”

Fifty percent of JAMBAR’s after-tax profits are deposited into a donor-advised fund managed by the Marin Community Foundation. These funds are then donated to nonprofits supporting music, active living and community connections, according to the company.

Before founding JAMBAR, Ms. Maxwell co-founded the PowerBar brand in 1985 with her late husband, Brian. In 2000, Nestle acquired PowerBar and in 2014, Post Holdings, Inc. acquired the brand from Nestle.

JAMBARs are available online and at select retailers nationwide.